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ARTRON has since 1993 provided a wide range of services for conferences, stage events and theatre performances. We have also helped with design and equipment purchase for large halls  (conference venues, sport halls, churches, etc) concerning audiovisual equipment and sound systems. Our highly qualified technical team is the best guarantee for perfect  technical support of any kind of event. In our offer you will find conference systems: for discussions, simultaneous interpretation, videoconferences, audiovisual and sound systems and powerful lighting. We will also gladly provide comprehensive organization of your event. We provide our services all over Poland and also in other countries.


Conference Support

We offer full conference equipment and professional technical support during your event. We are able to deliver almost anything you might need for event. Flexibility and huge variety of configuration enable us to provide support various events: from small business meetings to huge congresses requiring the most sophisticated technical solutions.

We have for you high class equipment:

  • simultaneous translation systems, booths for simultaneous interpretation (meeting the UE standard ISO 4043)
  • highly reliable sound systems
  • microphones:wired, wireless, clips, headsets
  • terminals for videoconferences
  • discussion systems (so-called multiphones)
  • voting systems
  • multimedia projectors
  • huge screens for front and back projections
  • plasma screens
  • diode screens
  • special effect lighting
  • computers
  • slide and writing board projectors

Additionally we may also offer:

  • video recording
  • filming of the event including real time display of camera images
  • audio-video transmission to another room
  • wall-screen presentation
  • communication support
  • providing connections for telephones and fax

Simultaneous Interpreting

We offer a full range of simultaneous interpretation services utilizing the latest, state-of-art equipment. TAIDEN digital receivers are the most advanced in the world while also being the most user friendly. Their large, easily readable LCD screens display information of transmission power, baterry and volume levels, channel number, as well as the language of interpretation - a unique feature which makes finding the desired interpretation substantially easier - in particular during multilingual conferences. TAIDEN receivers are fully compatible with other digital system used in Europe. The received digital transmission is completely free of interference from modern lightning systems. In addition, interpretation may be conducted in locations inaccessible to analogue infrared systems, for example, sunlit spaces, open air, etc.

Simultaneous interpreting involves doing the interpretation in real time, simultaneously with the speaker. The interpreters sit in their booths and translate what the speaker are saying, talking to so-called interpreter pulpits, while participants of the event listen to the interpretation through special receivers in their headsets, where they can choose the language they want to listen to. This type of conference interpreting requires additional equipment. By choosing this solution we save time and enable listeners to receive a message at the same time, irrespective of their language.

Equipment required for simultaneous interpreting:

  • technical system ( emitters transmitting the interpretation from the pulpit to the receivers, cabling, transmitters, power supply)
  • receivers with headsets
  • booths for interpreters
  • sound system

Our booths meet the EU ISO 4043 standard. It is a soundproof, mobile construction, consisting of simple modules. We offer booths for a team of two or three interpreters. In order to provide the best comfort for the interpreters, every booth is equipped with a table fastened to the wall, where we install interpreters' pulpits, and the interpreters may use the table for the conference materials. Front and side walls are partly made of glass, which gives perfect visibility.

What we need to know when you order simultaneous interpreting:

  • languages to interpret
  • number of foreign languages
  • number of participants
  • existing sound system in the room
  • how many interpreters are required
  • subject of your conference

Apart from the equipment, we are able to provide you with interpreting services. For many years we have co-operated with the best interpreters and translation agencies specialising in conference interpreting. With them you will have the best guarantee for flawless and smooth interpreting.


Our offer also includes:

  • Qomo voting systems which facilitate the voting process, shortening its time to a minimum whie the results can be followed in real-time thanks to visualization in the form of tables and graphs.
  • TourGuide INFOPORT system, a mobile solution which can be employed for conducting factory group tours of production floors and assembly lines, as well as guided sightseeing tours. The system may also be used to assist in performing chuchotage ( whispered interpreting)
  • TAIDEN digitally controlled discussion system intended for meetings and gathering which allow the participant to communicate with each other by means of microphones and built in loudspeakers or personal headphones.


Audiovisual Systems

Audiovisual special effects make the event. Plan them well with us!

Organisers of conferences, congresses, stage events, concerts or outdoor theatre performances always need to make sure that all the spectators have good visibility, even those located in the most remote places. High brightness multimedia projectors in combination with large-size screens, high quality digital cameras operated by professionals and state-of-the-art equipment (mixing table, special visual effects) enable you to see what you normally can't see with your naked eyes during a live event. No conference can now do without systems for multimedia presentations. It is a necessery complementation to what speaker have to say. We have equipment which enables images of any size to be displayed. This means we can succesfully make a movie show or presentation for a small group of people in little room, but also organise wall-screen shows for thousands of spectators. In our offer you will find:

  • broad assortment of multimedia projectors
  • huge screens for front and back projections
  • diode screens
  • plasma screens
  • wall-screens
  • operator stands with opportunities for a variety of special effects
  • digital camera stand with professional operators
  • VHS, hard disk recorders, DVD players

We also offer the latest in 3D PROJECTION technology!

Sound & light systems

A professional sound system is a key factor of success for your event.

Our special field is support for events requiring a lot of sensitivity to acoustic conditions and musical backgrounding enabling good balancing of sound nuances. We successfully provide sound systems for folk festivals and rock concerts, jazz events, and classical music concerts - chamber, syphonic, or oratory type of music. We provide sound systems for any type of enviroment - in the open air or inside even the most difficult buildings, such as churches, sport halls, etc. We have more than adequate lighting systems, from white light, static, through colourful, multi-spot ramps, to special light effect, such as scanners, moving heads, stroboscopes,etc.

We offer:

  • sound systems
  • professional sound operations
  • back-line equipment ( guitar amplifiers, bass, drums)
  • mixing tables of various types
  • monitor board meeting expectations of professional performers
  • high class microphones for any type of sound source
  • stage spot lighting and special light effects
  • agency services for stage rental


All in 1

We will take care of your event from beginning to end. We will deliver all necessary equipment and professional service. We have our own equipment and highly qualified, experienced team providing technical back-up, which is the key factor of success of any event. Our special field is conferences requiring simultaneous interpreting. We will provide you with the best interpreters. For many years we have co-operate with the best interpreters and translation agencies in the Tri-city, Warsaw and our neighbouring countries. They are professionals; with them you will have the best guarantee for flawless and smooth interpreting.

We are able to deliver almost anything you might need for the event. Flexibility and huge variety of configuration enable us to provide support for various events: from huge congresses, requiring substantial technical equipment, to small business meetings.

We will organise and deliver your conference for you. We can:

  • register the partcipants
  • deliver equipment and staff for the event's secretariat and reception
  • make all settlements and finances
  • provide telephone connections
  • print all conference materials
  • produce commercials
  • construct temporary walls and fair stands
  • book hotels and catering
  • organise leisure time activities
  • provide transport
  • and anything else you might need

We are looking forward to doing business with you !



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